SaintHilaire Prawdzik: At least I'm in the majority for once.

I've been living in Columbus for 9 years now. I've met plenty of men, and it's always been the same pretty words said only to get one thing. Now don't get me wrong, I love some pretty words being said to me. For all you boys reading this, there is nothing a girl likes more than to be called beautiful. I'm just tired of all the guys who turn out to be complete jerks. Again, I know plenty of those jerks, and some of those kinds of jerks are some of my closest friends. I have some fun conversation and adventures with those kind of jerks. Jerks can be fun sometimes, especially when they push you up against the wall and kiss you after they call you beautiful again, this is another really awesome thing to do boys But non can seem to last longer than a tic tac. Why can't there be a cool guy who actually wants something semi serious and lasting. About me? Well, where to being. I am a senior at OSU. I live with my 2 best friends in an awesome apartment, where we throw some pretty kick ass parties full of fun and alcohol and frivolity. I hardly ever drink, because when i do i tend to get a tad bit slutty, but i have nothing against drinking. I also don't smoke, but everyone i seem to know does, so if you do, its awesome. I work at a movie theatre, so not only do I know everything about most current movies, I also get some sweet movie perks, like free movies, and posters and all that other fun stuff. Also, I'm shy, I may not seem like i am because every now and then I'll get a little Gilmore Girl ish, where I'll start throwing out obscure references, and talk really fast, but trust me, shyness is my weakness, but once i meet and get comfortable with someone, I get much cooler. About you? Well, I'm hoping that your cool, because uncool people are so uncool. Also I'm hoping that your cute, because mutual attraction is very important in any relationship. Granted I think there are many different types of cute. You see, I'm attracted to everything from Jocks, to Frat boys, to

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